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Confessed how when I laugh sometimes I'm crying

And we sat and didn't talk for half an hour

Shakin' at your touch
13 March
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  • kris10thumper
So go
I did, I thought maybe you were a nut- but you were exciting.
I wish you'd stayed!
I wished I'd stayed too, now I wish I'd stayed, I wish I'd done a lot of things.
I wish I had...I wish I'd stayed, I do.
Well I came back downstairs and you were gone!
I walked out, I walked out the door.
I dont know I felt like a scared little kid, it was above my head, I dont know.
You were scared?
Yeah I thought you knew that about me.
I ran back to the bonfire trying to out run my humiliation I think.
Was it something I said?
Yeah... you said so go with such distain you know?
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Joelie? What if you stayed this time?
I walked out the door... there's no memory left.
Come back and make up a goodbye atleast, lets pretend we had one.